Friday, 29 June 2007

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AICN reports on Richard Kelly’s follow up to “Southland Tales” will be “The Box” about a couple who discover a box with a button. They are told that everytime they press the button they will be paid life changing money, but someone will die. Sounds good, and will apparently be PG-13…NO TORTURE PORN…hurrah!!

Nathaniel Roger’s - The Film Experience is doing his annual half way mark Oscar predictions, and it is not a shabby bunch of noms at all! If only the Academy thought more like Nathaniel and less like themselves.

Tweenbetween has found some hysterically brilliant e-cards y’all need to get!

At Long last Andy Scott has put up his Oscar predictions, and they are looking sweet, especially the shout out to Kelly McDonald!

A lovely piece on “A Might Heart” from Stinky LuLu, but not about Angelina in black face, but instead about an actress who quietly make an impact. Highlighting the little supporting role is very important, so thanks you!!

The Fug Girls attack the Spice Girls…..enough said!

And last, but not least….the person with the best titled blog in the world does a review of “Hairspray” which I am excited about, and get the feeling I will also dislike the performance from the big gay man with the homophobic religion.

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Anonymous said...

hey that box idea is an old twilight zone story...hmmm, now their robbing twilight zone...well i guess it is a small treasure chest.