Friday, 24 August 2007

Anne Hathaway goes dancing

Anne Hathaway has joined the ensemble cast of Dancing With Shiva for Sony Classics.
Bill Irwin, Anna Deveare Smith, and the wonderful been-away-from-the-screen-for-far-too-long Debra Winger will also star in the Jonathan Demme-directed dark comedy.

For Shiva, Hathaway will play an ex-model who has been in and out of rehab and has just come home from an eight-month stay on the weekend of her sister’s wedding.

I am sure Anne can do a lot of research with for this. I can think a more than one child star who has had the spot light, only to end up publicly going off the rails and being forced into rehab….but opposed to the movie…I do not know if I can see a happy ending for Li Lo and Brits. Perhaps Hathaway can visit them for research?

Also, did you know Hathaway’s middle name is Whitney? Talk about being a child star and with a name with that legacy!!! Amazing she avoided a melt down!! (knock on wood).

Winger plays her mother. I am so happy to see her getting a higher profile role than she has been accustomed too. And lets hope this brings Demme a critical hit. The man has not impressed since “Silence of the Lambs” but that is a TOUGH follow up (very high up in my top 10).

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