Sunday, 19 August 2007

Jennifer Eyebrows and the art of bland

Jennifer Eyebrows is in talks to star in “He's Just Not That Into You”, a comedy that Drew Barrymore is producing and starring in for New Line Cinema.
Also in negotiations to star are Kevin Connolly, Bradley Cooper, Justin Long , and Ginnifer Goodwin.
Ken Kwapis is directing the film, which is based on a best-selling book about modern-day relationships. The book's authors, Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo, worked together on Sex and the City as a
consultant and writer, respectively (I wonder which episode???? he sneers sarcastically).

For “Into You”, Jennifer Connelly will play a woman trapped in a tired marriage with Cooper's character.
Kevin Connolly will play a man pining after a woman (still not cast) who is having an affair with Cooper, while Goodwin will portray a woman, obsessed with Kevin Connolly's character, who tries to set up accidental meetings with him.
Long will play a friend of Connolly's character who takes on Goodwin as a My Fair Lady experiment. Finally, Barrymore plays a woman confused by dating in a culture obsessed with technology rather than actual human contact.

Deep breath…Inhale!!
Wow that is a lot to take in.
I have looked up the book and it looks, well…eh…chick lit light.
Not only do I pine for the day when Drew will dazzle me, but I wish Eyebrows would begin acting again.
Ever since “Requiem for a Dream” she seems to be walking around in a cinematic daze. Sure she is not hopeless, but she is also not deserving of the ‘Academy Award Winner’ title either. What with lack luster and CGI performances in her resume the woman needs to find a role she is not comfortable with, and perhaps she will rise to the occasion.
I cannot see her in a rom com. I imagine it to be a case of woeful mis-casting. So perhaps she will be a revelation.
God knows she needs to do something to her career. I can imagine her getting Kidman’s sloppy second scripts. “Ok…we can’t get you Nicole, but how about we throw in Jennifer Connelly and a Porsche?”
She needs to do something to erase the memory of that Oscar night when she stood on the podium, mumbled a speech off a bit of paper and had the nerve to wear what I can only describe as a band aid (plaster for you Brits) with raccoon-esque eye make up.

Don’t let “Labyrinth” and “Requiem” be your career highlights!!

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daniel sims said...

It seems as though that now that she has made a name for herself and has won an Oscar, she does not want to bother with challenging herself.
She has been in the game for a while...maybe she is tired and just goes into the movies for the pay cheque.