Monday, 19 May 2008

Actress Watch!

And Trailers galore

First up was have some Miller chic and KEIRA KNIGHTLY! in the film "The Edge of Love". Early word has been some RAVES but also a few 'meh' reactions. However they all say wonderful things about Knightly. It is only a matter of time before her next nomination.

Penelope Cruz is going to have a stellar year! Although she will most probably not get awards buzz for this, it will help to solidify her eventual nomination for "Vicky Christina Barcelona". Look out for a Patricia Clarkson to steal the always.

I have been watching some of the clips for Julia Roberts new film "Fireflies in the Garden" and I have to say I am not that impressed by what I am seeing. there are three clips available to view:
"I love you big"
"Meat is murder"
"Did you sleep with her?"
Looks kind of Life time original movie to me.


Jose said...

Oh my, looks like they're trying to stick Keira into some sort of "Atonement" rut, not only is this movie compared to it, but she also gets another "come back" moment.
She looks stunning though and I would've dismissed that Penélope movie if it was directed by anyone other than Coixet. She's fantastic.

Michael Parsons said...

"Vicky Christina Barcelona" will be the movie for Penelope this year. She just needs to turn in a good performance in "Elegy" as well. As for Keira, it does seem a bit of a rut, you are right. I just hope her performance is good enough in this, and great in "The Duchess" to garner herself a nod.