Tuesday, 20 May 2008

"The Changeling" is RAVED @ Cannes

Or is it "The Exchange"? I am confused. The former reminds me of the 80's ghost story (If I ever see that wheelchair I will run a mile) and the latter sounds like a drug runner movie. I think I prefer the former.

This is good news for Angelina who is getting career best notices for her lead role. She was wrongly left off the shortlist in 2007 and this should rectify that. Clint Eastwood is looking to gain his 2 millionth Oscar nod.

The man is gold for his actors though. Since "Unforgiven" he has knocked up seven nominations for his actors.
In fact two of those film managed to get three noms each ("Million Dollar Baby" and "Mystic River") so Jolie and possibly others will benefit come year end.

Check out the reviews here


RC said...

early pre-viewing buzz...matched with Cannes buzz...

she sounds in good shape. I wonder if any other acting noms can get squeezed out of the Changeling?

Rachel said...

Well I am now looking forward to it esp since it is not a remake of the original Changeling. I agree that one was very scary.
Great that Angelina is getting praise for this role. Good for her!

Michael Parsons said...

I am thinking that Eddie Alderson stands a strong chance of a nomination...age be damned. He has been singled out in most reviews As well as Jason Butler Harner, but who knows just how big of a role they both have.

John Malkovich could get in on sentimentality