Saturday, 24 May 2008

Vampires everywhere!

I laughed out loud at this piece on Go Fug Yourself just now, all about Madonna and Guy Ritchie. Then I stopped.
There have been so many reports of their marriage being in trouble, and there are so many people/magazines/news shows who are pathetically waiting for it to happen that it just all seems so unfair.

She adopts a child and is called a kid napper
She gets married she is criticized because he is younger, then the press spend the entire seven in a half years saying the couple are splitting up.
She manages to stay at the top of her game in the music industry for twenty five years and you have critics now saying she is inconsequential.

We build'em up...we break 'em down.

It must take it's toll. This is clearly reflected in her new album. Everyone has heard 'Miles Away' and knows the song is all about a couple that seem to only show affection when there is an ocean separating them. But the song that grabbed me as being the most autobiographical of her relationship was 'Incredible'.

"I don’t want this to end
I am missing my best friend
It was incredible"

Imagine if every single argument you have with your loved one made it into the worldwide would be kind of hard to not get affected by it. I personally do not want to hear about Madonna's personal life outside of what she chooses to tell, just as I wouldn't want her to know mine.
When did our thirst to understand celebrities and love for them turn into wishing them pain?

The human race, I fear, is turning into a bunch of soulless creatures. Perhaps "I Am Legend" (the book) actually did happen and we are all vampires after each others blood for our own survival. Where is Buffy when you need her?


bracca said...

But doesn't the fact that she chose this life mean she gave up her rights to privacy?

I just feel that she spent so much time courting attention, it is kind of hypocritical of her to get upset about what the press thinks.

woodstock said...

hey bracca i would agree with you if i din't believe people are entitled to change opinions whenever they want, once they have consistency. and one thing madonna has always had is consistency; even on her craziest moments.

the thing with vampirism that i agree with michael is that most people seem to have gone out of life and has to suck on other people's. or worst, most of us do have busy lives but when it comes to leisure we choose the easist thrill out there: other people's disgrace.

probably their relationship is a bit affected by this whole circus, but i believe as she says that they try not to pay attention to this. let the people talk.

Michael Parsons said...

I agree with both your points of view, but in regard to bracca's comment, just because celebrities have chosen a public life, it does not me they are not entitled to privacy.
One of the ugliest examples of this vampirism is the circus surrounding Heath Ledgers death.

Anonymous said...

In many ways i can agree with all of your points but i do think there is a bit of confusion about what celebrities choose and don't choose.
most celebrities worth their salt choose to follow their talent or their talents lead them into the public arena which is different than public life. public life is usually reserved for politicians, clergy and the like. the public arena is that space the public has access to e.g films, plays, books, art. Choosing to create work for public consumtion isn't the same as giving the public an open ticket into your bedroom, toilet or head. what it does do is leave the creative work open for interpretation and critic, whether it be justified or not...this i don't have a problem with, Art should be debated and criticised to grow better collectively.

Now there are many exceptions...we do know that there are several 'celebrities' that have used their lives as sort of 'living-art-installations' (paris to name but one) and yes, they should critised, their lives run through the press and darkened or brightened by it, that's what they set out to do almost from the outset.

now i think Madonna has played both fields, the public life and arena, especially during the early '90's by offering a slice of her life as a film- thus as art- to be criticized. unfortunately with madonna her wisdom never told her when to make a clear line between personal and private even after the fact, so if the line is unclear for her it has no way be to become confused for others. it didn't help when in this century she releases a second glimpse into her life (thus as Art). so the line continues to blurred.

in saying all that...i think the press should have a better idea concerning what to report e.g the adoption of a foriegn child and the dabates on the issues surrounding it versus whether or not Madonna's marriage is on the rocks because she is too bossy (now if the welfare of the children are at risk because of separation then it becomes a public issue).
Andra X