Tuesday, 25 August 2009


South African born and London based singer MPHO (pronounced Mmmm-poh) is one of those artists that completely take you by surprise. Not only was she brought up in my part of London (Clapham), but she has just signed a 5 album deal with EMI.

Her debut single “Box ‘N’ Locks” is a catchy and vibrant slice of pop brilliance. Using Martha and the Muffins “Echo Beach” as a sample, she catches your ear instantly with a ‘be yourself’ anthem.

Considering her role models are Prince and Kate Bush expect MPHO not to me another one of those pop flash in the pans.

Don’t believe me. Well then look at these two live performances.

First she captures the yearning and subtlety of Kate Bush’s master piece “Runing at that Hill” infusing it with such melancholy that you almost want to weep.

Then she goes for Reverend and the Makers “Heavyweight Champion of the World” again bringing up so much feeling with her passion filled vocals.

She is an artist well worth watching, and I wait with baited breath for her debut Pop Art .

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