Sunday, 23 August 2009

Goldy Notay....Hollywood is calling

As you have all already read my dear and talented friend, Goldy Notay (pictured here as a sexy maneater) was cast in Gurinder Chadhas latest film “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife” in a lead role.

I am curious because the on-set reports made me yearn to get an invite. My beautiful ingenue raved about how supportive and wonderful the cast was to her and how the set was constantly full of laughter and love, even as she sweated in a fat suit.
She also mentioned that her co star Sally Hawkins ( obsession from last year) was amazing to work with.

The film will be out later this year, I think, and at the moment I am on You Tube everyday trying to find any footage.

Goldy said it was shown at a film festival, but nothing is online as of yet.
The only thing I can find is the poster.

I am hoping to have a nice little bit of gossip from Lady Notay very soon, well at least gossip I can post. Here is hoping Hollywood comes knocking on her door because I have seen her doing ‘The Vagina Monologues’ and the girl is a comedic genius. Just hope she doesn't sell out and so a sitcom, unless it is on HBO or Showtime of course.

The last time I saw her she was fabulous in a printed pink dress as she marched with us in the London Pride parade for equal rights in Bermuda. Because of this you know I will be loyal until she dies and leaves me the Oscar she is bound to win one day.

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