Saturday, 24 October 2009

Mini Reviews - Very Mini

'State of Play'

Not even close as the brilliant mini series, but still a extremely entertaining film.
Helen Mirren phones it in and Ben Affleck is once again wooden, but Russell Crowe shines.
The best he has been in a while.

Grade - B-

'Drag Me to Hell'

A very fun romp in gross out horror.
Many times the eyes were averted from the screen in this schlock fest.
Props go out to Lorna Raver for a disgustingly frightening performance. Scenery chewing at its best

Grade - B


Jose said...

Ugh I know, I hated how lazy Mirren was in this, especially considering how brilliant Bill Nighy was playing her part (first and only time I expect to type that in my life...).
As for "Drag Me to Hell" I hadn't had such an entertaining time at the movies in years. It was just so brilliantly gross!

Michael Parsons said...

IT was so gross. Look away gross.

Nighy was better, so much better as was Kelly McDonald over McAdams. You actually believed she was a reporter.