Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The UK music charts are listen-able!

I was taking a listen to the BBC Radio 1 chart show (something I hardly ever do) and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of songs that were charting. Most of them are pop but they are pop with a little edge.

Editors – ‘Papillon’

Editors are a British indie rock band based in Birmingham, who formed in 2002. They are know for their dark indie rock. This song is currently a new entry at number 23.

Mini Viva – ‘Left my Heart in Tokyo’

Mini Viva are an English pop group formed in 2008 by UK pop songwriting production house Xenomania, managed by Simon Fuller and signed to the newly reformed Geffen Records UK. The band consists of Frankee Connolly and Britt Love – and I doubt they will stick around, however this song is just pop cheesiness at it’s best. It is down to number 38, but did peak at number 7.

Alexandra Burke – ‘Bad Boys’

The winner of X-Factor 5 is the new UK number 1 with this r-n-b 80’s pop throw back. I dare you not to sing along.

The Temper Trap – ‘Sweet Disposition’

The Temper Trap are a rock band from Melbourne, Australia and they are brilliant. Atmospheric sounds and pulsating rhythms about on their wonderful album (but it now). This single is currently at number 11, but peaked at number 6.

Mumford and Sons – ‘Little Lion Man’

Mumford & Sons are an indie folk band from London who formed in 2007. Their first single ‘Little Lion Man’ peaked at number 24, but has been hanging about for a while now.

Do yourselves a favour. Take some time and give these artists a listen.

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