Thursday, 26 November 2009

Mini Reviews

'Monsters vs Aliens'

I get it, I get it. Animated films are largely aimed at kids. But do they have to be so dumb and dull?
I mean really, I did not crack a smile watching this.
Not a one.
Am I asking too much for these studios to make a film that makes me feel something other than "when does this end?".
Last night I re-watched 'The Iron Giant'. Now that is how you do it.

Grade - D+

'Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen'

Someone please make Michael Bay watch all his films in a row, then sit him in front of 'Star Trek', 'District 9', 'The Dark Knight' and many other films that involve heros, CGI, explosions until he sees the difference with what he makes (a loud, ugly mess for people with ADD).
I actually think that man suffers with ADD and needs to get some serious help.
Here is what was wrong with the film:The plot. How can you follow it? Make it simple. Deceptions need a new home and do not want to share it. See Michael Bay - EASY! Please cut out a explosion that would only take up 5 minutes and pay a screenwriter.
Shia LaBeouf. He acts like he has ADD too. When you find yourself wish to see more of Megan Fox you know you lead is not very good.
What I love about the cartoon and the toys is seeing how they transform, and it making sense. Here they make no sense in terms of scale and transformability. And do not get me started on Devastator. He was the toy I always wanted and never got. Here they turned him into a giant hoover. The only reason this film does not get an 'F' grade is because of Soundwave. He was cool.

On second thought. Just retire Michael Bay, he is not worth keeping around. I only watched this because the child in me demanded it.

Grade - D-

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