Wednesday, 25 November 2009

New 'Nine' poster

Is it just me, or is this poster campaign all over the place?

First we had this poster:

I did like it even if the sun light soaked back drop does look a little bit like the Batman symbol. Plus the obsessive compulsive in me got really worried about shoes on a white sofa. I also was not overly happy with the red font. It looked tacked on and not thought out. However it worked very well in setting the mood for the central character.

Then this poster gets released:

I get it, a movie within a movie - poster within a poster.
Still it just does not work for me.
Penélope is caught at an awkward angle (she looks in the throws of ecstasy of arm pit shaving), Kate looks like she is practising her red carpet pose, Marion looks annoyed and bored, like she has been waiting at the Dr's office for a really long time. As for Nicole, well she looks like she need some allergy eye drops and an emergency room visit. She must be having an allergic reaction 'cause her head look HUGE!.

Then we get this photoshopped and jumbled mess:

Daniel must have something in his ear, Marion is fascinated. Penélope is celebrating her newly shaved arm pits. I can almost hear her - "Touch them...they are smmmmoooth"

And now this:

Let me break this down for you.

Daniel Day Lewis - 1 Oscars, 2 other nominations
Nicole Kidman - 1 Oscar, 1 other nomination
Sophia Loren - 1 Oscar, 1 honorary Oscar, 1 other nomination
Judi Dench - 1 Oscar, 5 other nominations
Marion Cotillard - 1 Oscar

None of them make the poster. Let's market this to the American Idol generation.
Fergie is on a potential Oscar Best Picture nominee poster people!!!

1 comment:

Jose said...

Penélope has an Oscar too and they stuck her with that damn Fergie woman!
I hate this campaign! Love her armpits though...