Saturday, 28 November 2009

The 'Precious' debate

If you scroll through any of the posts about 'Precious' over at 'Awards Daily' you will see some very serious debates, some of these come in the form of attacks. - and man can they be vicious.
I do not think there is a film so far this year to inspire such feeling. What people love about the film, others resent:The sucker punch the film delivers
The representation of people on welfare
The representation of the black community
Having an over average weight woman as the lead
The representation of the welfare system
The representation of the education system
The movie
Sadly what people are forgetting is that this is just one story. No single story can ever represent a community, a class or a people, but take every story ever told and you will find a fairly accurate representation of mankind.
Still some of the attacks on the film are extremely vicious and rampant (I swear the people froth at the mouth while writing the pieces they write). That is something that saddens me, that so much hate, confusion, anger and bitterness as stemmed from this film.
I left the cinema thankful for seeing film about a girl with no prospects, decide that she was worth fighting for a future. I guess growing up being exposed to domestic and other abuse allows for seeing a film like this in a different light.
I know Precious. Many of my friends do. Sadly, many of the people I have spoken to also know Mary. It does exist, this abuse, and I for one am happy there is a film getting a lot of attention and inspiring a lot of debate for shining a light on it.

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