Monday, 25 January 2010

Get Your Link On

Over at Jezebel they take a look at crowd reactions shots from the Golden Globes. Quite funny, especially the last two.

Anne Thompson is also keeping a close eye on the goings on at Sundance, especially who s buying what. Check her out over at Indiewire.

Stinky LuLu wonders who will be the supporting actress who gets a nomination (or close to one) from riding the coattails of a film that will get mucho love from the Academy.
I would not be too surprised if he is right, but it seems this race is all but sewn up, with very few surprises happening.

OMG Blog speaks to Joan Rivers who I will eternally love for asking Sela Ward if she got her Golden Globes dress at K-Mart

The PGA have announced and the winner is rather boring.
Now I really loved 'The Hurt Locker' but the critics sweep seems a little head scratching.
Perhaps it is just me having a little bit of boredom with its dominance - or perhaps I am just not big on war films. I mean it seems to me to be a little safe in terms of subject, and I for one love me a risky film.

SLANT magazine takes a look at the best singles of the decade, and I for one love music related lists as I get a few more new tracks to add to my iPod. So far they have only released the first twenty (draw it out why don't you?) but I expect to see a few Madonna on the list as we all know how much Slant loves the Lady M.

SLANT also reviews the Lady Gaga concert in New York, and of course goes off on a Madonna tangent. Of course it made for a very interesting read. I guess 2009 was Lady Gaga's 1985.

How sad is it that the Best Actress race has been hijacked by Sandra Bullock. Now before you SaBu lovers get all angry at me, let me first say that I think the woman is awesome. However (and I repeat myself every year) we are talking about the 'BEST' performance by an actress of the year. Until these award shows start to reward the 'best' and not the 'most liked' or the 'it is their time' or the 'whoops, we need to make up for a past mistake' is each category then they will not be relevant when it comes to actually representing 'greatness' in film.
Anyway, In Contention basically calls the Best Actress Oscar - and I weep.

It seems that Avatar will be the biggest box office success ever. If you take into account inflation, the ridiculous price you have to pay for a 3D cinema ticket, you have a very different out look. Still to make this amount of money during the end of a recession is impressive I guess.

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