Friday, 29 January 2010

Ramsey makes Kevin

At the urging of Nathaniel (well mainly from his enthusiastic write up) I watch Lynne Ramseys 2002 film 'Movern Callar'.
It blew me away, especially for the complex performance she got out of Samantha Morton (who is brilliant anyways).
However she has not made a film since then.

Until now.

She is taking on the Lionel Shriver novel 'We Need To Talk About Kevin' in which Eva Khatchadourian attempts to come to terms with her son, who went on a killing spree in his local school. The book is told in the form of letters written between Eva and he estranged husband Franklin and they slowly track the disintegration of the family.

This sounds like dream material for Ramsey who is not afraid of dark stories.

The most exciting news is not the casting for John C. Reilly as Franklin but the fact La Swinton (Tilda to the rest of you) is playing Eva.

Check out a scene from 'Movern Callar'

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