Monday, 18 January 2010

The Golden Globes

What I liked:
The wins for Toni Collette, Mo'Nique, Glee, Meryl Streep, Drew Barrymoore, Mad Men, Michael Giacchino and Christoph Waltz.

The fashion - It was nice to see some colour on the red carpet. I thought Toni Collette, Nicole Kidman, Fergie, Meryl Streep and Gabby Sibide looked so pretty.

Martin Scorsese's speech. Lovely and so very humble.
Sadly that was it - there was not much to like about the proceedings.
The wins for Robert Downey Jr., and Sandra Bullock are only about the most popular. It happens every year but I still get annoyed that people are not rewarded for the work they have done. Thank God we have Mo'Nique and Christoph Waltz who are actually winning because of the performance. Sure SaBu and RDJ have charisma to spare, so get them to present.

Ricky Gervais - I thought he was terrible. A few good gags, but just not very funny and sometimes a little bit rude. His comedy just does not translate to this type of event.

I am sorry if I want a little pizzaz from my host. He just came across as a little pug faced man very upset that he was in a room of people prettier than he.

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