Tuesday, 30 March 2010

'Animal Kingdom' trailer

Now it is not often that overseas (non American) films that generate a lot of buzz and great reviews from Sundance end up making it into the Oscar race.

In fact this hardly ever happens.

However this film has gotten some great notices, perhaps enough to raise its profile for some acting or screenplay attention (Actress Jackie Weaver is supposed to be all sorts of good as the matriarch and you know me, anytime a new, almost unheard of Actress gets any sort of rave, I am all there.) if it is handled correctly.

It is worth noting that the calibre in film that is coming out of Australia is all sorts of brilliant. Sooner or later something is going to cross over in a big way, aside from its actors.

What is it about that place? The Actresses are all sorts of brilliant, and the actors are all sorts of *swoon*.

Must be in the water.

(get me some damn Australian water!!!)

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