Monday, 29 March 2010


It seems the majority of movie news coming through is not very interesting. Sure some interesting casting choices are being made, and there are some minor 'hmmmmmm's' going around, but nothing that makes you go "OMG THAT IS AMAZING NEWS!!!!". Sure critics are getting laid off and 'The Hobbit' shooting schedule is delayed yet again, and Angelina Jolie is now up for the lead in Maleficent (so should have been Sigourney) but where is the news that makes you leap for joy?
All we are getting is that 'Alice In Wonderland' is cleaning up at the Box Office and more and more franchises are getting re-booted or started in Hollywoods scramble to 3D almost everything. I for one couldn't care less about 3D. It is distracting from the films quality.

What I want is Cannes.
I love Cannes.
The line up is the first clue, then one by one anticipated films are shown and reviewed and one by one film makers chances of glory are either squashed or raised. This year seems so dull. At least last year we had 'Precious', 'An Education', 'The Hurt Locker' and 'The Messenger' already screened to give us all some excitement about the year to come.
Or perhaps it is just me.
The scramble to see as many films as I could near the end of last year, and the beginning of this year, completely wiped me out.
I can barely sit through a full length film right now.

My recent viewing are as follows:
'The Simpsons' seasons 1 to 10
'Sex and the City' seasons 1 to 3 (still going)
'Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs'
'Futurama' seasons 1 to 4
Do you notice a pattern? Focusing on some major light entertainment for a spell - debating stopping 'City' when it comes to cheating, cancer, childless couples because that is just far too heavy.
It is March I have not gone to see one single 2010 release. Not a one. Oscar season doesn't usually take it out of me so. Even 'How To Train Your Dragon' cannot tempt me (although it looks wondering - in 2D)

I will go and see 'Kick Ass' as it has gotten nothing but fantastic reviews over here and looks to be a hell of a lot of fun.

What this lag has done is allowed me to finished up my MAFFE Awards which were time consuming to do considering this was the year I wanted to do clips (doh!). What I found really interesting is after leaving the films for a while, deciding on categories then looking at all the films I had seen in 2009, certain films has dulled while others seemed so much better over a little time.

Sure 'Precious' featured heavily as expected but 'Avatar' didn't. I guess a little time gave me perspective over the biggest film of all time (i you do not adjust for inflation). When you have over $500,000,000.00 to play with and 12 years, one would hope all that money and time would create something fairly decent. I guess in these times of recession and redundancies I was more impressed with doing more for less. Sure 'Up' cost £175 million but it was sure worth it. I actually think the twelve films I consider the best, as a total, cost less than 'Avatar'.
Makes me feel kind of good.

Sorry for this rambling (filler) post. Let me leave you know with a question.

If the Academy sent out their nomination ballots in March, to give out their awards in May (pre Cannes) do you think the outcome would be considerably different?

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