Tuesday, 30 March 2010



As you can guess it is 31 of my favourite actress (and 1 actor). Women who has moved me, even if by a single performance, to the point of near obsession.
In doing this I was so surprised that there were only 10 Oscar winners.

It also made me realize just how few good roles are written for women. Perhaps with more and more female screen writers and directors getting chances, we will see a lot more great roles for women of all races.

While you are here, take a chance and try and name all these "women" in the comments. I will be very impressed to whoever gets them all (or at least 90%)


Jose said...

Hmm let's see
Angela, Madge, Samantha, Jodie, Gabby, Kate, Nicole, SMG, Whoopi, Meryl, Jim, Tilda, Michelle, Judi, Laura, Minnie, no idea who that is, Keira, Brenda, Sally, Marion, Momo, Helen, Toni, Anna, Gong, can't see the face well! (make it bigger!), CZJ, Viola, dunno, I'm saying Sophie, can't make out the face but looks like Judy Davis from this distance.

Peter Chan said...

Wow Michael, the new layout looks awesome. Great job!

Michael Parsons said...

Thank you!!!

And Jose, you got 26! Well done!

Wrong guesses were Gong, CZJ and Judy - still, well impressed (2 I doubt you will get!)

Jose said...

Dammit, it's Maggie not Gong! And the one I thought was CZJ is totally Jennifer Tilly with my glasses on.
The last one looks a bit like Diane Lane now, but seriously make the picture bigger! I have serious myopia Mike!

Michael Parsons said...

Ok, bottom row is:

Goldy Notay (my friend) Keira, Brenda, Sally, Marion, Momo, Helen, Toni, Anna, Maggie, Julie Walters, Jennifer, Viola, Shelafi, Sophie and Sigourney.

SIGOURNEY Jose. Even I can see those cheek bones from that small !!