Friday, 12 March 2010

Dear Gabby

Get ye to a comedy script PRONTO!

And just a little bit about her Spirit win, which for me is not so much about the awards, but her own Spirit. She won this award because of her performance, which is how it should be. However, I am convinced that her personality counted for something, mainly as a contrast to be able to appreciate the depth and complexity of her performance. With a personality like hers, she can over come anything.

Most of the press go on about how she is not 'Hollywood' enough (read too dark and big), yet here she is, doing the circuit and having a laugh. She worked the red carpets for all she i s worth and has been the most enjoyable presence in awards season. She didn't win the Oscar (Mo'Nique may have won for performance over politics, but Gabby certainly lost due to politics over performance) but she is fiercely determined to continue on acting, even shouting out Tina Fey as someone she wants to collaborate with. She is not playing by the rules and she is having fun for all it is worth.
What she is, is refreshing. That is something Hollywood certainly needs to embrace in order to survive.



i love that she looked under the bikini. hee

Juanjo Rodriguez said...

Refreshing to see her attitude and her comment regarding Sandra Bullock... She knows how to take this in stride.