Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The show

I am not going to comment too much on the various winners. Y'all know my thoughts on who I thought was the deserving, and once the MAFFE awards come around, those of you who do not know, will all see.

I just want to comment on what I honestly thought was the worst Oscar ceremony I have ever witness. It was a mess.

Here is what I didn't like:
Having the lead acting nominees lined up at the beginning was pointless. They look uncomfortable and it seriously took away from the running time. Were they trying to make it look like a beauty pageant ? "The 10 runner ups are...". Ugh.

What was with the opening number. I just did not really get what the point was. I love NPH but it just seemed silly and time consuming, and the following monologue from Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin was ok, had a few high points, but was over all a severe disappointment when compared to last years number.

The fact that they had people presenting awards for nominated films they were in, or had something to do with - Sigourney Weaver - Art Direction, Tyler Perry (very very funny) doing editing, Sam Worthington doing sound - it was tacky and awkward. Poor Sam having to read out that 'Avatar' lost the sound awards was just terrible. Who ever decided that should happen should be smacked.

I love the 5 acting nominees being presented by other actors/directors. I loved the fact that this year it was accompanied by film clips. However only for the lead categories. Supporting was just regulated to film clips. Are they saying that yes...the lead acting oscars are the only ones that deserve a special presentation?

The interpretive dance for Original Score. It went on for 4 years it seemed.

The way certain presenters (who were obviously instructed to) ran off the list of nominees so quickly before tearing that envelope open to get the winner up and off was just plain disrespectful to what they are there celebrating - excellence in film.
They should have just run down and handed them out to them, or shot them out of a cannon.

The way Tom Hanks announced Best Picture was horrendous. I do not really care about having 10 nominees. It would not have taken that much longer to read them out again (just cut the damn dance number, or shorted the John Hughes memorial).

Cutting off speeches. It is just plain rude. Seeing people up there panicking about being cut off is just bad manners. Yet Jeff and Sandra are allowed to go on an on. It makes it so obvious what they think the important awards are, and lets these poor winners know that they are not important.

"And the winner is..." HORRIBLE!!! They are not winners. Gabby, Meryl, Carey and Helen are definitely not losers. We all know that Bullock did not give the best performance of the year, which is why calling her the winner of the category 'Best Performance my and Actress in a leading role' is not true. 'And the Oscar goes to...' is accurate. This was by far the WORST decision of the night,

I would much rather have the 'Best Short' awards placed in a different ceremony to bring back the Life Time Achievement awards. I would obviously prefer a world where we would have both, but if it means I get to see Lauren Bacall be celebrated for her body of work, then so be it.
This is the last of it for my blog. I will not discuss it and instead look to the cinematic gems of 2010.

Someone once said that the awards should be given out a year later. When people have time to see all the films and sit and think about who they honestly want to win. The surrounding hoopla would have died down and voters would not be all caught up in media opinion.

I am sure the results for each year would be quite different.

Here are the best moments in Pictures (aside from Oprah presenting Gabourey Sidibe which was so moving and a nice way of letting her know that this is the reward)

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Michael B. said...

Lovely as always. I agree with you on every single thing.

Lemme just copy what I wrote on Nathaniel's blog.

I have to say that I thought the ceremony was a drag. Three openings? Really? (Neil Patrick Harris you are no Hugh Jackman, sorry).

Having the lead actors and actresses up there was a nice moment, but it also made it kind of seem that they were superior than the rest of the categories. The producers should have taken notes from the 2007 ceremony when all the nominees stood up in their seats and the camera panned the rows.

I'm not even going to talk about the Hughes tribute...(yet, as I watched it I realized how awesome it would have been if they had one for Robert Altman and just had the main players from his movies show up...)

And lastly, they really need to find better presenters--especially in Picture and Director. It seems that the same people rotate over and over again. AMPAS needs to get better producers.