Saturday, 13 March 2010


Yes, the MAFFE awards (Michaels Academy of Feature Film Excellence) are almost here.

Since these awards are so much more important than the Oscars, so they of course come after them.

The Academy is comprised of me, Michael and a few other well respected people. Captain Howdy, Mr Ravioli, Fred (he drops dead a lot) and many more.

One thing to know about these awards. Unlike all the others, each category has six nominees. Also the top three are awards gold, silver and bronze stars. There is also a few new categories. Best Poster and Best Trailer (our cinematic year is all about the pre amble) Best Ensemble and Best Small Performance (male and female) because I just love acting so god damned much!

There will be a top 12 for best picture, but these will be broken down between two sections (top six and bottom six). Most of you already know who the winners will be in a few categories, but hopefully I will surprise you.
There is no Animated, Foreign, and Documentary categories simply because I do not believe in segregation.

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