Thursday, 22 April 2010

Far From the Madding Link

Nathaniel Rogers really needs to sue me. I am now stealing his 'Links' post title ideas. It is the highest form of flattery though (or so they say)

Anywho.... gaze on the lovely picture below:

That is a sneak peak pic from Stephen Frears’ comic book adaptation,'Tamara Drewe'. It is based on Posy Simmonds’ comic strip, which was inspired by 'Far From The Madding Crowd', and which ran in the Guardian Newspaper from 2005-2007, before being collected into a graphic novel.
In the story, Tamara Drewe is a newspaper columnist who "causes a stir with her flirtatious ways in a small English village". It stars Gemma Arterton who is due for a big year with both 'Clash of the Titans' and 'Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time' due for release this year, as well as this smaller film and indie horror 'The Disappearance of Alice Creed'. I like how she is mixing it up, but she is in danger of being completely overshadowed by herself, especially if 'Prince' is a flop.

Empire is reporting a few interesting stories today. Firstly that Kate Bosworth is joining 'Goodnight Moon'. Most notable because it is a drama and co-stars Leslie Mann.
They are also reporting that 'The Lincoln Lawyer' is in full casting mode. Namely the extremely talented punch-line Marisa Tomei is joining the project which also stars Matthew McConaughey - who although is kind of hot, has never interested me as an actor.

NY Magazine is reporting that Jack may be back. The man makes me smile, but I have never been fully impressed by a performance of him. Call me strange, but as an actor he seems kind of samey - 'About Schmidt' was an exception.

Heat Vision Blog is reporting that Bryan Singer has another project looming. Just make X-Men films please. I miss them!

Arjan Writes reports some news that is making me jump up and down in joy. I am just so frikkin excited!

Entertainment Weekly is looking at the summer albums they cannot wait to hear. Just hearing the names Ladytron, Santigold and M.I.A, in conjunction with the new Christina Aguilera album has me foaming at the mouth.

My Territorial Bubble look at 'How to Train Your Dragon and gets me even more excited to see it. I just now need to drag myself to a movie theatre.

Madonnalicious has a GLEE recap. Go I love this show. Everything about it is so silly, moving, ridiculous and fun that you cannot help but get caught up in it, and even though they did Madonna, they did also kind of prove that no one can really do Madonna better than Madonna can.
I kind of wished she had agreed to come on board the show as a creative consultant, and really pushed the staging of the number out of the limited 'GLEE' box.
I guess you cannot have it all though and I am just thankful to have a celebration of the woman on a popular show, even if they did not dive too deeply into her catalogue.

Strange Culture embarrasses me by looking at the 'Oz' films much better that I did. Bastard.

I love Toni Collette. And I love 'United States of Tara' even if the new episodes are proving a little dull in comparison to last season (muff diving aside). This is probably due to the lack of Alice and Tee who certainly livened things up A LOT in the show, and showed Toni's comic timing and range. Until we see her again, enjoy Tee's blog which had me in hysterics. Sure they are just You Tube videos, but my word are they funny.

And finally Valley Dreaming looks at the craze that has slept my work place: Robot Unicorn


RC said...

Whoa - thanks for the linkage - now I need to go back and review your Oz post!

Michael Parsons said...

You are most welcome. I need to do this more often