Wednesday, 21 April 2010

What is it with Oz.

There is all this interest surrounding the land of Oz of late.
There seem to be a lot of movies being planned that have something to do with the place.
First there was Todd McFarlane's version based on the 'Twisted' range of dolls. Also there is John Boorman's version in the works called ''The Wonderful Wizard of Oz'.
There is also a New Line Version called 'Oz' being planned for 2013, plus versions of 'Wicked' (one base don the musical and one based on the book)

And now there is a prequel, or rather and origin story about the Wizard himself.
Not only is it being written, but it also tentatively has a star in the form of Robert Downey Jr. and a possible director in Sam Mendes (especially since 'Preacher' and the next 'Bond' film have fallen through). The only down side is it is being produced by Disney, so do not expect it to be truly dark.

I am still hoping that HBO pick up the rights to do a serial based on 'Wicked' (novel). I loved the politics of the book, and the world that was painted, and although I loved the musical, the book has been my all time favourite story in the Oz mythology (yes, that includes the original film, which I am not a fan of).


RC said...

Interesting though at Wicked as a mini-series -- with all the Oz (that will surely be 3d) maybe that's a pretty smart idea.

Michael Parsons said...

anything that is a little different and follows the book. It was so dense that it deserves a mini series treatment.