Friday, 18 June 2010

'Convicted' Trailer (previously 'Betty Ann Waters')

So much unintentional laughter was gained from this trailer.
Whoever put this together has done the film a great disservice.
This has 'DRAMA' written all over it, but in a rather cheap 'this is a prestige film.....really......IT IS' way.
Even the snippets of acting leave me cold. Aside from Minnie Driver the rest of the cast really seem to be ACTING (badly) FOR AWARDS ATTENTION.
And do not even get me started on the fact that the ENTIRE PLOT is spelled out. This is obviously not aimed at people with intelligence. Sure it is a true story and we can wiki the outcome, but can we not enjoy and be surprised by the journey?

Does she get him released?

Sad that such an uninspired trailer was made as this is an interesting story.
You all know I am not a fan of the Swank, but I was curious about this file due to the rest of the cast......until today. Maybe the reviews will win me over again, maybe cries of "Driver is BRILLIANT" can get me excited to see it, or maybe the trailer really does give us a preview of what to expect - sentimental, soul inspiring drek.

The faces and hair of Lawyer Hillary

Swank pays tribute to my other least favourite actress - Zellweger.

Pre-lawyer hair. Curly equals powerless (and poor)

She is getting there, but an emotional lawyer does not win cases.

Now that is case winning lawyer hair


Runs Like A Gay said...

The trailer does seem awfully serious, I was rather hoping for a Erin Brokovich vibe but I guess the central character just wasn't that interesting to start with.

Of course in a very dull looking year like this one this could default into the actor's ballots if any of the supporting cast gets any attention.

Afrika said...