Friday, 18 June 2010

Winning me over

Sometimes there is an artist that you like, but who also annoys the crap out of you.
You want to dislike them, but at the same time you are constantly curious about them.
Kate Nash is one of those.
Her lyrics try to hard to be everyday and common, this with her accent makes you visualise her as a whiney brat who probably smells like vodka, cigarettes, hairspray and bubblegum. You imagine her with that "I don't care" messy hair that you know she spent 2 hours to get it like that. She wears clothes that do not flatter her at all, but they are all the rage so as long as she fits in it is ok.

And then, she goes and writes a song so random, so clever and subtle in its self mockery, and also rather insightful without trying, you forgive her and see her for the artist she is.

BBQ food is good
You invite me out to eat it, I should...go
But I'm feeling kind of nervous and not quite myself
So I'm running late on purpose and I know this wont help how things have become between us
But if I go you'll give me hell, and that I dont know how to fix
It is making me unwell

I arrive at your house, but you've just got up
And you are wearing a towel, and your eyes look dark
I help to dry your body, and I see your cut
So I give you a plaster, and we cover it up
I say "Have you been crying?"
And you say "Shut Up"
So we sit in the garden, and touch the grass with our hands

The sun is going down now, and it's been okay
You tell me all the things you did while I was away
And this worries me somewhat
You say you're fine

Can you hear it?
Does it speak?
Will I feel it?
Will it hurt?
Am I near it?
I dont know

I dont know how more people havent got mental health problems
Thinking is one of the most stressful things I've ever come across
And not being able to articulate what I want to say drives me crazy
I think I should read some more books, learn some new words
My sister used to read the dictionary so I'm going to start with that
I'd like to travel
I want to see India and the pyramids, a whale and that race with all the bicycles in France
I'm not sure about rivers, they scare me, but I love swimming, I'm good at it
And when I swim I count the laps, and this helps me relax
When I was younger I saw a house burn down
I walked past it for the next six years, derelict, black, chalky and dangerous
I wondered if squatters lived there
I'm still not sure but I know there were never any parties cuz its a shit-hole
After a while the council got round to tidying the town
They decided it was an eyesore so they tore it down
Behind the house was a wall with a few bits of crappy graffiti and the word 'Cunt' written in giant letters
And now I walk past that

I like going to the park, and I like walking through it
I like taking my dogs there
And friends, and I like being alone
I like being able to shout, but I wish I could be quiet
When I'm quiet people just think I'm sad, and usually I am
Sometimes when I'm at a really noisy train station
Somewhere with the fast trains like Kings Cross
I feel like putting down my bags and shouting things out because I've got something to say

Don't you want to share the guilt?
Don't think, just try and sleep

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