Wednesday, 16 June 2010

'Never Let Me Go' Trailer

This trailer now elevates this film to my most anticipated list.
Reading the book was completely emotional. It begs to ask the question of what makes us human, even when we are not supposed to be.
Judging from the trailer it appears one of my pet peeves in film has been squashed, the casting of children to portray the younger version of the same character, who look nothing like their adult counterparts. They have managed to get it right without having to rely on having the same hairstyle.
This film looks like it will be a beautiful and completely emotional experience.
Can not wait.


Jose said...

This does look fantastic. Do you think I'd like the book?

LOL I liked Briony's hairstyle though...

Michael Parsons said...

I think you would love the book. I know you like her hairstyle, and it worked for the film/character, but most cases it does not