Monday, 11 June 2007

Box - Love my box

Today on my box I am going to feature those actresses who have made the transition from acting to music.

First up is Kylie's little sister Danni Minogue with “Put The Needle on it”. Always in her lovely sister shadow, Danni has had big success in her home of Australia and my home of the United Kingdom. She has consistently released good pop/dance music, and this is by far my favourite, even though her mash up of "Don't Wanna Loose This Feeling" with Madonna is great too. A coin toss.

Next we have Milla Jovovich. Actually to be fair she was a model, then singer, then actress. I was one of the few who bought her album and I LOVED it. It became a staple of my college years and was shared around my halls of residence. This was her debut single that aired quite a bit on VH1 – “The Gentleman Who Fell”

Finally the acting hope of her generation. She stumbled badly but seems to have found her ground. She proved her singing chaps in “Happy Feet”. Before that though she had a top 10 success in the UK with her sexy vocal work with Paul Oakenfold. Here we have Brittany Murphy with “Faster Kill Pussycat”

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