Saturday, 16 June 2007

New Madonna Video and me being preachy.

So, Madonna released her Live Earth single to help save the environment, and she is headlining the concert. While I was not a fan of the song at all (a little trite and cheesy and ..well..the earth deserved better). I am glad she is taking this route. With this and her Raising Malawi charity, she is making a difference on a global scale. How many of us can be bothered?
Sure we watch the documentaries and well up over the animals struggling for survival, but aside from a few measly dollars or promises we make that never see fruition, what do we do?

You can:

Plant a garden, or a potted plant for your windowsill if you do not have a garden.
Adopt a endangered animal (thank you honey for Nanuk!!!) It is a wonderful gift and it does help!
Change all your light bulbs to energy efficient.
When giving presents be Earth aware. When asking for presents, don’t be so selfish.
If you see a bottle or can on the street, pick it up and stick it in your recycling.
Conserve water (that will be the next thing after oil to run out).
Car pool, or buy a environmentally friendly car.
Care enough to demand that something be done.
And finally get educated! If you are reading this, take the time to look over the links provided. They actually have a lot of helpful and insightful information.

Just do it now, don't think about doing it.

Here is the video…some of the imagery actually upset me.


Woodstock said...

man... i never thought that the day i would hate a madonna song would ever come. but it came when heyyou was released. i totally hate it.

Michael Parsons said...

I agree, but, well for every amazing some she does, there are the 'Hey You's' and the 'One More Chance's'