Thursday, 27 September 2007

And the Link goes to….

I am all linky linky today as there are many great things going on in the blog-o-sphere right now (how sad does that sound eh?)

Firstly I am still debating if I am going to take part in this wonderful blog-a-thon. I love the subject matter, but I fear the films I have in mind may be too much of a stretch. Perhaps I can convince Jose to join me in it.

Speaking of Jose, he breaks down the Emmy’s for me (I don’t get em in London) and give big shout outs to two of my favourite girls.

Since I becoming obsessed with music once again I am delighted to have found Arjan’s blog. He has a stream for the whole of academy Award winner ANNIE LENNOX’s new album. An annie release is cause to celebrate. He also gives a shout out to fellow poof Darren Haynes and his hubby directed new video (I haven’t seen a cassette tape in YEARS!). Yay for the out gays!

Now to confuse you with similar names, Arden is back, with a new post that made me laugh. She muses on her life and the coming of winter, and gives a shout out to my girl Cherita

My New Plaid Pants has THIS horrific news. When will Anna get a break?

Cinéfest '07 is over and the cellar door has the low down (see the “Donnie Darko” references??)
Mainly Movies goes and gives Toronto the Oscar category treatment. I love nomination lists…they make me all gooey

The Oscar Igloo and Myles Hughes break down Best Actor better than I ever could.

My bible takes us through the the race as it stands now.

And finally The Film Experience goes and explodes with juicy tit bits and info this week. First up is his dedicated and thorough take on the Foreign Film Race
Here is hoping I see even more this year.
Second we have him spooging out his love for ONJ, and her shiny shiny hair. She was lousy with virginity you know? There is also a actress-sexual and gay man's fantasy video at the end.
And finally he goes and comments on Julian Schnabel at NYFF and talks about the possible upset in Best Supporting Actor (how cool would that be)


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