Monday, 24 September 2007

More remakes/adaptations/revamps

Again, from Variety:

"Jason Bateman has been set to join Brad Pitt and Edward Norton in "State of Play," the Kevin Macdonald-directed adaptation of the British miniseries for Universal Pictures and Working Title.

Drama revolves around a newspaper's investigation of the murder of a girlfriend of a fast-rising congressman, played by Norton. Pitt plays the former campaign manager of the pol who spearheads the paper's investigation, and Bateman will play one of the key reporters chasing the story."

This is all well and good, and I am very happy Jason Batemen is getting a career again, and it will be nice to see the sexy actor in a film with two other sexy actors. However I do have a gripe. When there are remakes, or adaptations I actually make it my business to see/read the original. It is something I just like to do.
Gives me insight and a platform from which to critique.

I am running out of time. I have so many books to read, and so many things to watch in preparation of the upcoming Oscar season, I can't keep up. It is exhausting.
Please movie makers, please, for the sanity and life of a movie buff in Clapham London, please write a ton of original screenplays!!
I will be so grateful. I still have not read "Atonement".
I am failing
Please help me.

(Or I could just not bother....I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED!!)

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