Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Jesus is coming...look busy!

Ever wondered what Jesus did in those middle years? Was he back packing across the world? Was he sitting with traveler friends getting stoned in Thailand? Was he partaking in beer binges in Australia? Was he skinny dipping in the Red Sea?

Well Director Drew Heriot will tell us. He is planning on directing the indie film “The Aquarian Gospel” which tells the story of Jeesy Chreesy from 13 to 30 (didn’t Jennifer Garner do something similar) as he raved it up big style, before Mary gave him a strong talking to “Jesus, you need to get out there and perform some miracles and get some disciples, the neighbours are talking”.

The Producers plan on using actors and modern day spiritual leaders in cameo roles, portraying prominent historical and religious figures that Jesus encountered.

Great…another bible movie. Just what we need, time to stir up the right wing Christians again. The casting of modern day spiritual leaders interests me. I bet the pope will be a right demanding diva. And who are they going to portray? I cannot for the life of me think who is going to play Medusa, Ghengis Khan, King Tut and Puff the Magic Dragon plus the various other biblical figures. Can you?

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