Friday, 21 September 2007

Complete updates in Best Picture

Well the deafening buzz and reviews surrounding Sean Penn’s “Into the Wild” have got me. This looks like it will be a serious candidate. Also the rather negative reviews from Toronto for both “Elizabeth: The Golden Age” (like we are surprised) and “Reservation Road” make them both fall out of the top ten all together.

Also the strong support for “In the Valley of Ellah”, “Eastern Promises” and “Michael Clayton” in Toronto and “I’m Not There” and “Lust/Caution” in Venice, raise both of these films profiles.

The love/meh reviews for “The Assassination of Jessie James” could mean either a last minute nom (ala “The Thin Red Line”) or nada. Also the new trailer for “There Will Be Blood” (see below) makes me think that this will make it in… could it not?

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