Saturday, 22 September 2007

Complete updates every where

So I finally caved into the eventual double nominee status of Cate Blanchett this year, and put her in my Best Supporting Acress prediction. I also took a few away, and added some for good measure. I am now thinking that any of the women could make it in. Alot of films have yet to be seen, so we can never really know at this point.

The biggest change came in Best Supporting Actor as the Hal Bolbrook buzz was making my ears bleed. Also I can't stop thinking about "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead" and overdue Albert Finney. There was a nice shift around, and I am still happy with my top 10 seem plausible. Actually the top sixteen seem likely.

Best Director is a tough one, but so far, buzz/reviews/word-of-mouth all point to this top five (well actually the top eight all seem very strong at this point). here are the new predictions.

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