Saturday, 15 September 2007

Nothing small about Minnie

When “Circle of Friends” first came out, everyone was going ga ga over Saffron Burrows. I however, when not being distracted by Chris O’Donnell’s horrific oiresh accent, was transfixed by the plump and beautiful Minnie Driver, the films star.

What happened to her career? It all seemed to sky rocket after “Circle” and peak with “Good Will Hunting” two years later.
Minnie is blessed with a different beauty. She is not a typical Hollywood beauty, but she is beautiful. The woman can sing and act her socks off, but the Hollywood casting directors don’t take notice.

One could say it is because she played a bond girl and that can end a career, but her scene was over in a second. (guess Bond likes ‘em Sports Illustrated ready) She also got a role in “Sleepers” but with so many big male names, she got lost.

She shone brightly opposite John Cusack in “Grosse Point Blank” and had some of the films funnier moments (the funniest came courtesy of John’s sister Joan). That was out the same year as her Oscar nominated performance.
Her glory in “Good Will Hunting” was overshadowed by the fact her co-star and real life partner, Matt Damon, dumped her on Oprah Winfrey. Still she came to the ceremony looking lovely and smiling away even as another name was called out.
She has not had the career she should have had. Minnie should have the career of lemon face. Could she of not played Roxie Hart? Do you not think she would have made Ruby more than just squinty faces and shouting? Why has she not found the roles she can so easily play.

I think we should go back and re-cast Minnie in all of lemon faces roles. Would she have been as good in “Bridget Jones’s Diary”? Of course she would. Do you think she would have been better playing the lead female in “Cinderella Man” and “Miss Potter”? No Doubt!!

But like so many great actresses, Minnie now has to find new life on TV. She is apparently AMAZING in “The Riches”, enough to get a nomination for Lead Actress out of those twisted Emmy voters. Lets hope this leads to more film work.
Not only can she do drama, but she is “fantastic at comedy!
All you need do is witness her stealing scenes from Megan Mullaly in “Will and Grace” and Joanna Lumley in “Absolutely Fabulous” (turn the volume down for that last clip). I remember watching these as assuming that she would get snapped up by casting agents again. Boy was I wrong.
She apparently has “Ripple Effect” and “Take” due out this year, but I have heard nothing that what is on IMDB.
Any one who can make the filmic abortion that was “The Phantom of the Opera” watchable deserves to have a HUGE career (was she the only one who realized she was in a crap movie, and that going campy was the only way to survive it with dignity in tact?)

Lets hope that “The Riches” leads to some more film work for Minnie. It is always sad when real talent does not get the chance it deserves.

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Hostess Cookies said...

I hoped she would have nested Sally Field at the emmy's....oh well. she deserves another break.