Friday, 5 October 2007

Jackson's back!!??

This may be the most exciting news I have heard in a while. The fact that there may finally be a truce between Peter Jackson and New Line over the rights to “The Hobbit” fills me with joy.
Revisiting Middle Earth will be fantastic, and I am sure even the extended editions of the DVD’s will be designed to fit in with the current ones.

Please let this happen. To let another director touch this would be a terrible mistake. The complete franchise should be completed under the guidance of Jackson. He breathed new life into Tolkien’s work, bringing it to a whole new generation, and he should be the one to tell the story of Bilbo Baggins.

Most of the cast who would return feel this way, and so do most of the other directors who have been approached for the movie.
Should he take on “The Hobbit” the idea of splitting it up into two movies makes perfect sense, and also gives me longer to get excited.
I just wish there was a part three to visit…perhaps….. “Return From the Grey Havens” ?


J.D. said...


(And the screaming nerd inside of me must say that after the end of The Return of the King in the Arda timeline, there is only about 150-200 years that Tolkien wrote about, and especially since you can't really "return" to the Gray Havens, blah blah blah...)

Michael Parsons said...

LOL (My inner nerd bows)