Saturday, 6 October 2007

Sweeney Todd - Trailer

Here we go. Never judge a book by it's cover right?
I am not going to judge "Sweeney Todd" by this trailer. The movie could be wonderful, but I am apprehensive as I always am with Burtons films.
I am not nervous because it looks bad, or I am worried Johnny can't sing, but because it looks very Tim Burton. Visual eye candy, but lacking in that little bit of soul that will make it great. I could be completely wrong, but too me Burton seems to use colour and design to convey emotion and energy far too much. With "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" even the visuals lost impact quickly because there was no energy in the picture.

I hope it is different this time. This musical deserves a GREAT adaptation.

All I will say is Helena looks wonderful. Here is hoping she is.


Rural Juror said...

I just think it's funny nobody actually sings in that trailer

braccha said...

I think Johnny is a good enough actor to trancend not being a very capable singer.