Sunday, 30 September 2007

Looks good on paper!

Only last weekish I talked about “State of Play” the sausage fest with Brad Pitt, Jason Bateman and Edward Norton. Well it seems the adaptation of the British mini series is having the testosterone diluted.
Rachel McAdams, Robin Wright Penn and Dame Helen Mirren have been added to the mix.

McAdams will play a newspaper reporter investigating the death of the mistress of a fast-rising congressman. Mirren will play the newspaper's editor, (in a nice sex change as the role was played by Bill Nighy in the British series).
Wright Penn will play the congressman's estranged wife who becomes romantically involved with the politician's former campaign manager (Pitt), who leads the newspaper's investigative team. Norton plays the congressman, and Bateman plays the other lead reporter.

Now, ‘State of Play’ is on my Love Film list to rent (like Net Flix, but with a British accent) so I cannot judge it by the source material yet, but this does sound like a doozy.
We also have Kevin Macdonald directing from a script written by Matthew Michael Carnahan (hmmmmm). We all know Macdonald can get some meaty performances out of his cast, so this is one of those films that will high on awards watchers radars.
Judging by this clip I am very very only gripe is I wish they coulc have found some room for Kelly Macdonald.

The film is due in 2008.

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Rural Juror said...

Your Kelly McDonald fix should be coming soon w/ No Country for Old Men. As for this film, it looks quite interesting if not cast great (I just think there could have been more interesting actors to choose than Brad Pitt). What I want to know is who they're gonna get to substitute for James McAvoy.