Sunday, 2 September 2007

Best Actor Prediticions

Why Frank? Well I do not know. I thought I would be different and predict him. There has to be a surprise nominee somewhere that no one was expecting, doesn't there?

The Top Five!

1 - It has been too long since Daniel Day Lewis graced our screens. I think over all admiration for him will see him in the mix for “There Will Be Blood”. I also cannot remember a time when he gave a performance nothing less that great, and he plays bad this time.

2 - George Clooney – “Micheal Clayton”. This performance has been critically praised. He is also Hollywood royalty. This will happen. He has loads of Awards for this already and has also been nominated for EVERYTHING.

3 -Johnny Depp in “Sweeney Todd”. I think this is silly. If he can get nominated for a Disney ride he can get nominated for this. Word is although he is not the best singer, he more than makes up for it in the acting side of things. Not alot of precursor love though.

4 - Viggo Mortenson was probably semi close in getting nom for Aragon for the “LOTR” trilogy. He may have been close for “A History of Violence” too. This time he is praised for his turn as a Russian mobster in “Eastern Promises” and he has BFCA, GG, and SAG to back him up.

5 - Frank Langella is a dark horse, but is critically praised with many 'Oscar' mentions for “Starting Out in the Evening”. He started out will in the precursors, but lagged behind by missing out SAG and GG. I still think sentimentality could win out though.

The Next Five

6 -This is the strangest thing to happen all season. I would never have thought Ryan Gosling would be a serious contender for "Lars and the Real Girl" but he has BFCA, GG, and SAG noms. He could do it. Another nomination so soon though?

7 - James McAvoy is a rising star, and may feel he should have been nominated last year. Now, with a critically successful film where he is singled out. However with no support from the precursors (aside from the Golden Globes) he is in real trouble.

8 - Emile Hirsh has gotten the much sought after SAG nomination for “Into the Wild". This alone could see him through, but he is young and the race is crowded with more loved actors. If the film is a big hit, he should get carried through.

9 - Denzel Washington is an actor the Academy loves. He has 5 nominations and two wins under his belt. The last time he played the bad guy he won…but he has LOADS of competition in this race, and the film, although a hit, is not considered to be amazing like "The Departed"

10 - “In the Valley of Elah” is already dividing critics (much like “Crash” did), but they all agree on one thing. Tommy Lee Jones is brilliant in the role of a grieving father. The good will for the actor and the political nature of the film should see him into the final five.

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braccha said...

What about Gordon Pinsent for Away From Her???