Saturday, 22 August 2009


How about some news/blog round ups?

During my self imposed exile on monster island I have been spending the past few weeks catching up on the news stories and blog entries from my online friends.
They are such a talented and dedicated bunch.

Variety reports on an upcoming ‘Jimmy Hendrix’ project. Yes, another bio pic (still waiting for a Mama Cass one). Although people like Andre 3000 and Lenny Kravitz have been circling the project (hasn’t Lenny spent his whole career building up to this?) I for one would love to see the amazingly talented Jeffery Wright finally get a major lead.

The same rag also reports on even more changed to the Oscar, case in point the newly elected president Tom Sherak.
It looks like it wil be the show that is tackled again.

With the now ‘10’ best picture nominees starting this year, the opening number is going to go on forever.
Can you imagine Hugh fitting in “Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire” into his best picture nominee melody?
All I have to say is please loose the montages. Or at least have just one. Get this guy to do it! Also if the presenters are not natural and funny on a huge stage, please do not force them to make jokes.
Lastly….have a colour allowance for the red carpet fashions. People have to draw straws, and there will only be one woman allowed to wear white, black or natural.
In fact make COLOUR mandatory. Nothing neutral please ladies.

Over at my bible, Awards Daily there is a lovely piece on Carey Mulligan. I need to see the film of course, but am excited about the prospect of so many new comers getting great praise for their films.

Valley Dreaming also loves Florence + the Machine.
Us bloggers have such amazing taste.
She is a real unique find in the drab drab drab oceans of cookie cutter tartlets that seem to be filling the airwaves.
However we seem to be in an exciting time for music right now, especially with female artists really stepping up.

Movies Kick ass drools over Alexander Skarsgård. I think he was even sexier in “Generation Kill” but then I like a man in uniform.
José also years for a time when these two icons get together. Aside from the fact that when they were together he beat the living crap out of her, I kind of agree. Age can mellow you.

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