Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Slowly coming back

I feel a little like Whitney Houston today.
I keep saying I am returning to the world of blogging, and then ….I have nothing.
The funny thing about a break up is discovering that, compared to other huge hurdles you face, it really isn’t the end of the world.
Just seemed like it for a while.
I have discovered a few interesting things:
1) I am stronger and braver than I thought – now I just need a super power.
2) People dealing with guilt can be heartless.
3) Film and music, although wonderful, are not my oxygen.
4) My true friends are amazing people.
5) I kind of like Beyoncé more than I thought.
6) You can do a rebound in a weekend.
7) Falling in love is wonderful, if you open yourself up to it.
8) yummy yummy yummy, but what to do with the left over pots? I need a Martha Stewart idea.

So what has happened in the past (nearly 5 months) that I have yet to comment on.

The Cannes film festival as a little of a let down in terms of it really has not given a clear picture of the Awards race, aside from Abbie Cornish being wonderful in ‘Bright Star

Lots of lots of Awards season movie trailers have shown, but very few actually capture any type of awe and wonder in me.
Even though “Precious: Based on a Novel by Sapphire” is still my most anticipated film of the year, the trailer was a little life time. I have heard that the reason for this was not to put off audiences with the darkness of the film. I guess it is a good idea.
The Lovely Bones” looks wonderful, but I am still not convinced.
I love you Philip Morris” looks down right great. The French trailer is a little shocking (Jim Carey’s a top!)
The best trailers of the year would have to go to both “Nine” and the absolutely amazing “Where the Wild Things Are”. I felt like a kid watching that. I was transported to being a kid all over again.

So far the performances that are getting Oscars attention (from films that have opened in the U.S.) are:

Meryl Streep (naturally) for “Julie and Julia”. The praise is unanimous again. She is so over due.
Jeremy Renner for “The Hurt Locker” a film that could go all the way as the reviews are OUTSTANDING!
And Hugh Dancy for “Adam

Over the next few months we will get a lot more information, and it is really the most exciting time for the Awards season. September, October and November Rock!

So, even though I may not be posting as frequently as I usually do, I will be checking in time and time again.

I mean I still need to think about those damn predictions.


Jose said...

Wonderful to hear/read from you.
Haven't missed anything huge as you wisely point out, hope you haven't been neglecting home viewing though...
I'll take your word on number 7 and try it for myself sometime soon.

Runs Like A Gay said...

All 8 of those things worth learning. Especially Gü.

Good to have you back.