Friday, 30 October 2009

For José (the obsession is officially out of control)

Jose apparently (so he says) comes here for all his Gabby news.

You gotta watch this. The more interviews I see, the more I want to see her up on that stage.
So genuine and real.

Oh and she is also going to me coming to Showtime in a series. WooooHooo!


Afrika said...

I like her voice. I find Gabby to be extremely sexy; I don't care what detractors say. And yes! I'm happy she's going to be on a showtime series. I found out a couple of days ago and I was screaming loudly. This girl is GOING TO HAVE A CAREER, whether her detractors like it or not.

Thanks Michael for your coverage on Precious. You deserve a postcard

Michael Parsons said...

My pleasure. And I am sure it will continue well into 2010

Jose said...

LOL I resent the "so he says".
Although it was sweet of you to get me this lovely interview. She looks like such a fun girl to be around! I might develop a slight crush if she's as awesome in the movie.

Michael Parsons said...

As you can tell I have a huge crush.