Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Trailer park girls

Cannes winner and CIFF winner, ‘Fish Tank’ shows, once again the plight of young poor teenage girls, this time in a council estate in London where Mia (Jarvis) lives with her promiscuous mother and younger sister.

When her mother brings home her new boyfriend (Fassbender) Mia’s life will be forever changed as she begins to forge a relationship with this new man.

Although extremely well reviewed, I doubt it will be enough to get the film on a major awards campaign, but enough word of mouth to perhaps be a small contender.

Both Jarvis and Fassbender have won awards for their performances, but as of yet it will not have a wide enough release to be eligible for this years awards.
It will next be showing at the AFI film festival on the 2nd of November.

The jury award at CIFF went to ‘Mississippi Damned’ (Audience Award went to ‘Precious’).

It tells the story of director Tina Mabry one of three children growing up in rural Mississippi in circumstances of violence and addiction.

There seems to be a theme this year for strong films revolving around teenage girls trying navigate the waters of their lives.

An Education is the most main stream film, however ‘Precious’, ‘Fish Tank’ and ‘Mississippi’ damned have all been doing very well on the festival circuit.

If this comes to a cinema near you, see it.
It is supposed to be absolutely amazing, however as of now it does not have a release date.

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