Wednesday, 28 October 2009

'Invictus' Trailer

Here is it.

Clint Eastwood takes on Mandela. The trailer has hit and all the speculation can now end.
The film looks rousing and uplifting whilst also tackling some very serious issues.
However I also found it rather boring – but I usually do with these types of trailers.
My biggest gripe is with Morgan Freeman.
There doesn’t seem to be much of an accent does there?
Now of course you do not have to mimic someone when you are cast in a bio pic, but at least try and get as close as you can.
Perhaps the lack of distinguishable accent means that Freeman will channel Mandela in other ways (spirit, physicality)

Here is hoping so. Watching the trailer I was completely distracted by the accents (Damon included) which is never a good sign for me.

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Precipity said...

I think it looks great!!