Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Ram it down your throat time.

Since most bloggers are going on and on about 'An Education' I will continue going on and on about 'Precious' it you beg me to stop (and then I may ignore you).

Saw her on Ellen and she is just so much fun.

Also check out this interview wonderful and enlightening with Sapphire. It is 45 minutes but informative and sheds a lot of light on the book and film. Well worth it.


Jose said...

Haha you get so defensive about "Precious", it's your blog and you can talk about anything you want.
If it makes a difference you're my official source for anything Gaby related at the moment.
And you should see "An Education" to know why others won't stop talking about it.

Michael Parsons said...

I plan on seeing it very soon (hopefully this weekend). As for 'Precious' it has moved me to the point where I am writing to intellectuals and social workers to try and understand Mary (Mo'Niques' character).

I kid you not when I say this film has changed my life.

Afrika said...

I have a feeling I really won't like An Education to be quite honest but I'll wait and see.

Michael Parsons said...

We will have to see. A bit bored of people saying Mulligan is the second coming. Now I need to judge for myself.

Jose said...

Ah she's not all that (I actually feel the whole Meryl vs. Mulligan race is very dull...) but she grows on you.
I left the theater impressed by her range, but as the days went by I couldn't stop thinking about her character.
To this day not one of the Best Actress contenders has made me want to stop the world and just hand her an Oscar (like say Penélope in 2006 or Moore in 2002).

Michael Parsons said...

I do not think I have ever wanted to do that. Usually when I have wanted to, they have not been nominated.
Bjork, Hawkins, Jolie. 2006 was tough, I was all over the place between Cruz, Dench and Streep.

By the way, I swear you Costa Ricans have some sort of Cruz love programmed in you. My BF LOVES her.

Jose said...

Ah, but I'm not Costa Rican ;)
Let's just say her appeal is universal.

Michael Parsons said... got me. Teach me to make assumptions.

You are obviously Icelandic