Monday, 2 November 2009


You know when you read a review, and you are so taken aback by the reviewers opinion you want to find them and slap them?

Well I have read the good and not so good reviews for ‘Precious’ and I can say the review by David Edelstein over at New York Magazine is by far the most shocking review of any film I can remember.

First they give an interview with Lee Daniels for the magazine, then Edelstein says the following in his review:
” She’s also sexually molested by her jealous, welfare-cheating, gross, and sedentary mother, although the genital fingering might seem preferable to the verbal and physical abuse.”
Did he really just write that up? I mean seriously? I read that three times just to make sure it was not my mind playing tricks.
The man is ignorant.

He then goes on to say that Sibide is a striking actress but he describes her character so horribly and offensive you can imagine him sitting on his lunch break pointing and laughing at the over weight people who pass by.
” I’m not judging girls who look like Sidibe in life, but her image onscreen is jarring to the point of being transgressive, its only equivalent to be seen in John Waters’s pointedly outrageous carnivals. Her head is a balloon on the body of a zeppelin, her cheeks so inflated they squash her eyes into slits.”
Really sounds like you are judging a little. Of all the words you could have used, you choose Zeppelin and Balloon.
It is all so school yard bully.
Every other reviewer has managed to talk about her weight without coming across like a 12 year old bully.
It is also surprising since the magazine recently put Gabby Sibide on the cover of the magazine.
Nice mixed message.
All I can say is this movie is really bringing out the ugly and ignorant in people.

I do not expect everyone to love the movie like I do.
If they did I would be upset as I like contrast.
No film is perfect, perfection is dull. Flaws is where you find the beauty.
I am prepared for the people to dislike it. The film makes you feel uncomfortable watching it, and can stir up inner prejudices and emotions that you have not often been forced to confront. But please, when reviewing a film about child abuse, especially sexual child abuse, do not make out that the sexual abuse is preferable to the physical.
All it does it make it seem ok.
Nothing pisses me off more than ignorance.


Afrika said...

I saw that revolting review yesterday and the first thing that came to my mind was "e-mail it to Mr. Parsons". I quickly came to your blog and noticed you had already posted it lol

Michael Parsons said...

It was so ugly. I do not mind bad reviews, but to be so obviously disgusting.