Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Well it is trailer day. It seems the beginning of the week is when all the trailers get released eh?

Anywho here are 4 new movies coming to a cinema near you.

'Best Worst Movie'

Based on a dentist who starred in what is arguably the WORST movie of all time - 'Troll 2'.
Apparently there is an audience for it now. This documentary has payed a few festivals and has generally gotten pretty good reviews.


Is Eva Green a lesbian stalker school teacher? That is what I am getting from the trailer, but according to reviews it is not so simple as that. It also stars the always good Juno Temple and hails from director Jordan Scott (Ridleys niece). It also stars another possible up and comer in Imogen Poots. Some have said the film is a female version of 'Lord of the Flies' Oooohhh!

'How to Train Your Dragon'

Now this look adorable. It also looks like fantasy done right, in cartoon form of course. Plus the dragon is adorable and it seems to have a little message about conservation. Always a plus in my book.

'Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time'

Why, in these desert set fantasy films, people speak to s l o w l y and carefully? And Gemma Arterton has the worlds most annoying voice. Like those bitches at school who were really intelligent and confident but also knew it.
My word this just looks so bloody dull. WHY JAKE WHY!!!!??


Afrika said...

Prince of Persia is looking like a Mummy sequel; very disappointing. But then again so did Indiana Jones and the crystal skull and that when on to make lots of $$$$

Michael Parsons said...

And talk about racial mis-casting! Jeeez!