Saturday, 7 November 2009

A Sh*t Load of TRAILERS! Y'all

My my my what a lot of new trailers there are today.
Since it is Saturday and I will be cleaning and shopping and doing all the things I had promised myself to do over the weekend, but instead came home and crashed out in front of the TV I though I would have a little blogging break, but at least put up some happy trailer for y'all to watch,

'Everybody's Fine'

Well apparently they are not, otherwise why would they not want to see their father at Christmas?
Yet another movie in a trailer.
This looks like another family tear jerking Christmas 'comedy' with big names to warm your heart for the festive season.
Drew, maybe, but the rest of them are not what I would call heart warming.
I swore that baby was going to pull his nose off.


Tone it down Tobey, tone it down. You know you're in trouble when a viewer looks at your 'serious' performance of a troubled war vet and automatically think of Judge Doom.

'The Yellow Handkerchief'

Where the f*ck did this film come from?
I mean, i t seems so out of no where.
Well apparently it is pretty good with some pretty terrific performances - although doubtful they will be considered (The film opened in LA in 2008)

'Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too?'

Wow. 'Young and the Restless' theme + Paradise setting + Drama + Jill Scott + Inexplicable thriller music at the 30 second mark + a very sweaty and upset Janet Jackson - Madea = me slightly, if not overly intrigued.

'A Single Man'

LOVE IT!!! This may be my most anticipated now that 'Precious' is seen.
For starters it looks STUNNING, and secondly I am all for a film filled with great performances. Sadly there is not release date in the UK for it.
Was totally thinking that since my company is nominated for a BAFTA, we could get DVD screeners. Must look into that PRONTO!

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