Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Morgan Freeman is a dirty old man

From my lips to Gods’ ears. Well if you count Morgan Freeman as God (he played him once before you come after me with burning crosses and bibles).

Just when I was worried the man may be playing ‘saintly’ a little too often he comes along and takes on the lead in the Peter Segals next comedy called ‘Dirty Old Man’

Two playboys come to odds when one of them finally falls in love after spending 40 years playing the field. The still single friend (Freeman) does everything he can to throw a spanner in the works. So far so ‘My Best Friends Wedding’ but if any of you saw, Freeman can play slightly bad very very well. Just watch his wonderfully dark and sadly ignored turn in ‘Nurse Betty’ is you do not believe me.

Could be a good rumpus, lts just hope the scribes (who wrote ‘Bandslam’ and ‘Employee of the Month’) have something a little less slap stick up their sleeves.

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