Monday, 4 January 2010

2010 reporting blues (like an Avatar)

My God this year has taken it out of me. For the first 6 months my personal life was like an early Wes Craven film, then the light started to appear around June 13th. Then I slowly got back into blogging, and now I am all meh.

This has nothing to do with the films as for once I am really passionate about some of the films, however I have done something this year that I have not done in the years before - I read the comments on some of the bigger blogs and Oscar sites. There are some mean spirited people out there and they have basically zapped all the joy I have for the awards race, which is a crying shame.

From the racist and size-ist comments against 'Precious' to the more evil hate campaigns against certain individuals within the awards race.
It made this year in movies have an ugly stink.

So forgive my lack of enthusiasm in this, the year of ugly.

Perhaps my New Years resolution is to be kinder myself. We all have those people in the business we hate, but perhaps I should practice what I preach and be kinder in my criticism.

Change begins at home.


Runs Like A Gay said...

Your post explaining why you've gone from Carey Mulligan believing she'll never live up to Audrey Hepburn to Helen Mirren calling herself amazing.

I don't mean to be glib, but there are some awful people out there, always have been, and to an extent we all revert to persoanl criticism when it isn't necessary. (Just this afternoon I shouted at the BBC political editor for wearing an awful skirt - but the way she was making the point was succint and straightforward so I shouldn't have done that.)

I suppose what we should do is make an effort to separate the artist from the art (ignoring those people who cannot do that) and then we can truly give a balanced and useful view on the state of cinema.

Michael Parsons said...

The Audrey Hepburn thing was a critic of the amount of pressure put on Mulligan. As for Mirren, well she is amazing.
But I agree. I am just as bad when it comes to letting personal preference dictate what I post about ('{Precious' - HELLO!), but I want to try and stop being so mean about it all.
Reading Awards Daily really put my back up, especially in the comments where the ugly is disgusting.